Prius Abogados Services

We advise and represent indivisuals and businesses in different field of Law

Prius Abogados aims to cover the areas and specialities most demanded by our clients, both in their relationships with individuals and companies, and their rights and obligations to the various administrations and public authorities.

The team of lawyers and consultants who are members of the firm have structured their work as a working system we rely on the expertise of the legal areas that dominate our professionals, interconnected between if, through an “Academic Council” that analyzes and schedules each case in its various legal variants, legal and tax.

Main services

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Advice and implementation both of investments (property acquisitions) as disinvestment (sales), analyzing in each case the greater legal security and possible modalities with the goal of obtaining an efficient taxation for the client.

Inheritance Law

Advice to our clients in all matters that may arise before a succession process, both after the death of a family member with the subsequent processing of the inheritance, as previously, advising clients in the preparation and signature of their disposal probate.


We advise any project of activity in Spain, analyzing beforehand the needs and objectives of the client, by linking the different perspectives commercial, administrative,labor and tax of each particular, for the implementation of business projected by our clients.

Consulting & Tax Planning & Accounting

Advice for resident and non-resident clients in meeting their tax obligations and accountin arising from the spanish and european regulations




  1. Full Processing of acceptances and Inheritance Adjudications.
  2. Determination of heirs.
  3. Testamentary Dispositions.

Our firm is specialized in the handling and management of international successions, in which it is essential to coordinate the legislations and with this the successor process to continue in several countries.

In this line our office handles and manages the inheritance of integral form, ranging from the obtaining and preparation of all documents necessary to carry out the acceptance and assigning of inheritance, as the drawing up and presentation of the corresponding tax on inheritance, and even the necessary steps to take place the effective succession of the heirs regard to the ownership of any type of good or right which belonged to the deceased in Spain.

In the inheritances whose processing our customers charge us, we serve always not only to facilitate the processing of the inheritance, but also because the impact of any kind (including fiscal), that inheritance suppose in the heirs are the most advantageous possible for the same, for what we understand important to make a fiscal planning for each heir, serving on the one hand to his concrete personal situation, before and after the acceptance of inheritance, And on the other hand valuing the destination to the goods that are has inherit, to avoid unwanted results or unnecessary cost.


  1.     Acquisition and sale of properties
  2.     Urban planning
  3.     Owners and Communities representation on the Boards of Owners
  4.     Leases

Our services also extend to the various obligations and relationships that as owners of real estate in Spain, whether or not they are residents in our country: leases, tax, municipal rates, community owners …

We take care of the advice and the redaction of the possible contracts and agreements required, as well as the resolution of conflicts that could occur and the assistance in any matter related to real estate.

In this sense it is also essential to have a good management of the urban regulations and relations with the local authorities, to check and ensure that the works have licenses and authorizations necessary for any work that intend to undertake our customers.


  1. Constitution of Companies
  2. Implementation of new business projects
  3. Business Crisis

We take care of all the formalities and requirements for the incorporation of companies in Spain, including through seizure without the client having to appear in Spain in a Notary, and even we advise foreign companies with projects, interests and/or activities of any kind in our country.

In the case of corporations, we analyze the situation of the client and the solitary possible relationship with other societies established in Europe and other countries with the aim of structuring efficiently in their fiscal aspects and protection any new society within possible groups of companies, always in conformity with the rules state, local and European level.

Particular importance we attach to the figure of the Administrator or Manager by the greater intensity of their legal responsibilities and obligations assumed before the private creditors or public, which must be known in advance and advised, with the purpose of having a grater control over the risk that fall over their personal assets.

We are also dealing with planning and seek solutions at least onerous possible for the client, either Administrator or Partner, in cases where the company or firm established in Spain pass through economic and financial difficulties. In the latter case, we advise and we have lawyers specialists in the insolvency processing of the society or ourclients handling both spanish insolvency act as the European law of insolvency.

Our firm maintains excellent relationships with banks and financial entities and usual deals, seek and negotiate financing operations, as well as for the refinancing of debts.


  1. Taxes for residents and non residents
  2. Accounting of Companies and individuals
  3. Fiscal representation of clients at the Public Treasury
    (after evaluation by the signature of each non-resident
    interested client)


  1. Legal defense in all kind of judicial procedures
  2. Drafting and handling of legal claims

In the orders that we are entrusted, our firm has a strong determination to obtain a friendly and extra-judicial solution and offer to our client a prompt and satisfactory solution to the conflict that may have been generated.

However, reality shows us that that many times, it is necessary to go to the courts to obtain such satisfaction. To this we advise our clients from the first moment, in order to know the stages that will pass through your case throughout the process as well as the various situations that may arise, informing promptly by a fluid communication in their own language.

In accordance with the commitment that our firm assumes with the customer from which presents us with a problem, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in procedural matters both in the area of civil and criminal proceedings, that covers the nomination, defense and representing the client before all kinds of bodies and courts, through the procedures and remedies provided for by procedural law for the success of the claim, in both areas.


  1. Town Halls
  2. Comunidades Autónomas (Regional Governments).
    Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government), …etc.
  3. Government Agencies.
  4. Public Administrations.

We assess and manage to our clients, and very especially to non residents, in the processing of all kind of documents in any public administration, not only in regard to the processing of taxes to come taxing obliged, also offering them the following services

  1. Request and procurement N.I.E. (Foreigners Identity Number)
  2. Certificates of Wills (Wills)
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Management of Deeds: Settlement of tax in the Community of Madrid and presentation of deeds in de Mercantile Registry of Madrid or in the Property Register.
  5. Mercantile Registry: Simple Note from the Land property, certifications, Legalization of books and deposit of annual accounts. Central Mercantile Registry: Certificación and renewal of Social Denominations, Simple Note from the Land property Previous search of social denominations.
  6. Property Registry: Simple Note from the Land property, certifications and indexes service.
  7. Registry for movable property: Registry for movable property: registration and cancellation of contracts and guarantees on cars and machinery, distress.
  8. Civil Registry: birth, marriage and death Certificates.
  9. Town Halls: Administrative licenses and authorizations. Building permits.