Prius Abogados

Law firm of international character with more than 20 years of experience

Prius Abogados, is a Firm of lawyers of international character, which since 1999 has been offering comprehensive legal and fiscal advice, company law and accounting, for both individuals and companies, spaniards and foreigners, with a clear projection toward the Finnish speaking citizens, residents or not in Spain.

We provide our services in Finnish, in spanish and in english, which allows us to a direct communication with the persons who require our legal services, offering an agile response and a fluent communication in their own language.

For our Firm it is essential that each client obtain a response based on the analysis and study of all the variables that may affect their case (integral advice) as well as a continuous information of the evolution and progress that that will be taking place in the same.

Our Team

Miguel Díaz Poza

Lawyer and Senior Consultant


María Hernández Prieto



Juan Carlos Cuadrado Aznar



Óscar Pérez Núñez

Lawyer and specialist in courts.


Sole Nordman

Head of Administration

Carla Rajala


Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

Lourdes Sánchez Medina


Degree in Adminstration and Finance


Identification of the needs of their own and differentiated of the client, to offer a professional service directed toward obtaining efficient solutions.


Elaboration of a previous budget in the language of each client and adapted to their case and specific circumstances.


Excellence and proximity of treatment with the client, through a fluent communication and an inmediate availability to resolve any doubt.

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